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BioMedKL gathers people of biomedical expertise to discuss future prospect of biomedical sciences in Malaysia. With our humble beginning at Malaysia's biomedical research hub, BioMedKL will be the networking platform for biomedical science graduates based in Kuala Lumpur and neighbouring states. We do not only focus on scientific research discussions, but we actively encourage scientific collaboration among researchers, science-based companies and other scientific groups.

BioMedKL sees a future in creating a multi-disciplinary approach in solving the latest scientific challenges of public interest. We aim to bring the private sector, governmental bodies and researchers to work together and break through the boundaries in isolated research groups.

What BioMedKL do?
1. To create networking opportunities among research groups and related corporates;
2. To develop soft and hard skills necessary in research and industry via a series of workshop;
3. To organize public talks about scientific breakthrough for awareness reasons.